Welcome To Rev. Steve Swann

Steve Swann and Julie
Steve & Julie Swann

On September 1st 2016, Rev’d Steve Swann will be joining Alan and Ken as a Minister in Colchester Methodist Circuit.  With his wife Julie, he is leaving a circuit at the very tip of Cornwall.  Living in Stanway, Steve will be focussing his ministry developing the church presence in the West Colchester area.

One thought on “Welcome To Rev. Steve Swann”

  1. Dear Rev.Swann,
    I used to live in Stanway when my partner was alive.
    She died in November 2017.
    We were together for 25 years until she was diagnosed wth terminal cancer and her children compromised our relationship.I wasn’t invited to her funeral.She is buried at Feldy View Woodland Cemetery West Mersea.
    The whole matter has left me mentally depressed and although I have visited her grave I don’t feel that I have had closure.
    I am asking for your help please and wonder whether you could conduct a short graveside service for me with just the two of us being present ?
    I would of course make an appropriate donation to your church.
    Thankyou in anticipitation.

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