Welcome to Rev Joseph Neil Adams

Rev Joe Adams
I am a Methodist not by birth but by a combination of accident and choice!
I’ll tell you more when we meet 🙂
The Wesley’s love of music, open theology and pursuit of scriptural holiness have kept me within the Methodist Church where I definitely feel I belong.
The practical personal discipleship of prayer and fellowship within Class meetings John Wesley began remain deeply relevant in the 21st Century, and if we could rediscover the enthusiasm that burned in our denomination before we could bring fresh hope to our communities as we join in with the work of the Kingdom of God.
My greatest honour so far in life has been to be Dad to four children and I am immensely proud of them. My second grand daughter will God willing be born in May this year. My first granddaughter has just celebrated her third birthday.
Sport is massively important to me and I am a very passionate supporter of my home town Football Club Wolverhampton Wanderers where I have held a season ticket for many of the last 30+ years.
I enjoy many differing pastimes including the big four C’s – comedy, cinema, cooking and cars!
I am deeply happy to have been matched with the Colchester Circuit, and am really looking forward to starting this next chapter of my life and Ministry with you. God is good, and together we have the wonderful privilege of joining in with Him in the work of God’s Kingdom; living laughing and learning together we will see the glory of our Lord. It’s going to be fun!