Contemporary Worship Spring 2020

Gathering for
Contemporary Worship

with Songs old and new and Prayers for the life we share


Sunday 26th January 2020

Please be aware that due to a difficulty in providing staffing, the Contemporary Worship scheduled for 6.30pm at Lexden Methodist Church on  26 01 2020  has had to be cancelled.


Sunday 23rd February 2020

Contemporary Worship at 6.30pm at Castle Methodist Church
led by Rev Joe Adams.


Sunday 22nd March 2020

Contemporary Worship at 6.30pm at The Ark (Highwoods) Methodist Church
led by Rev Ken Chalmers.

Methodist Walks

The pattern of a monthly led walk of the past few years will be continued in 2020.

These take place on the second Tuesday afternoon of most months.

Beginning in February 2020 and going through to November 2020.

The walks are usually of about 4 miles in length, with the occasional one of 5 miles.

The walk on Tuesday 11th February will be on surfaced paths and will be a circular walk with no hills. It will be around the south side of Colchester but remaining within the town’s boundaries.

If anyone would like to join the walk, or hear about plans for future walks, please contact Derek.

Walking Boots