Happy Christmas 20 12 2020

Please refer to the new “Online Services” page on the Menu for details about all of the Online Services, and other regular activities in the Circuit.

The YouTube channel for Colchester Methodists continues to have videos uploaded regularly. If you follow this link, it will take you there: https://www.youtube.com/ColchesterMethodists


The service for this Christmas Day can be found by using this shortcut link.

Our online Carol Service can be found by using this shortcut link.

The Young Sunday story about the birth of Jesus (called the Nativity Story),  can be found on our YouTube site as above, or by following this shortcut link.

You can also find an activity pack for young people linked to the Nativity story on our Circuit Website on the Young Sunday page, or by following this shortcut link.


The Jesse Tree has been a daily series of Bible Stories for all ages throughout Advent. There was also a “bauble” to download from the Circuit Website and print each day. They can then be coloured in and hung on your Christmas Tree or in your windows during Advent as a reminder of the stories.

You can access the Jesse Tree page on the Circuit Website. There you can find more information and download the baubles by following this shortcut link.

You can access the Jesse Tree videos on our YouTube Channel by following this shortcut link to the Jesse Tree Playlist.



When you leave a church service would you usually shake the hand of the Minister and thank him for the service? If so, please encourage our ministers and the team, by clicking on the Thumbs Up / LIKE icon for the video. This also helps our videos to be promoted to others, and spreads the word of God.

You can also leave a brief message in the comments below each video, but PLEASE don’t forget that literally EVERYONE worldwide can see this, so don’t make any personal comments, or refer to people in a way that risks their privacy in any way.

Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the You Tube channel. It is FREE. Also click on the NOTIFICATION BELL ICON, then choose “all” as an option to receive an email notification / link each time a new video is uploaded. You can unsubscribe at any time, by clicking on the Subscribe button a second time.



Your local Methodist Church website will give more details about groups and activities which are taking place there – click on that Church in the Menu.

Audio CD’s, and DVD’s, are being made available to anyone unable to view the online service. If you know of someone who would benefit from this please let one a Minister or pastoral leader know.


For more information about these activities, or to tell us about your news from around the circuit for inclusion next time, please contact colchester.methodists@gmail.com


Be sure to keep yourselves safe and well.

Let someone know if you are struggling, if you need a chat, or just some shopping. Do contact your pastoral leader, or send someone an email:  you may be in isolation, but you are not alone.


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