Worship & Notices for 04 04 2021

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Today’s story for Young Sunday is about Easter Day, and can be found here. There is an associated Easter Egg Craft Activity that can be found by following the link to our Young Sunday page.


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Circuit Notices
Week Commencing
Sunday 04 April  2021

Easter Sunday


During this latest Lockdown, the Government has not banned churches from opening for Worship, however, most have decided that it is not safe or wise to open at the present time.


Taking Stock will be back to a regular weekly spot, on Wednesdays, from 21 04 2021.

Instead of Taking Stock, for Holy Week, we have had daily meditations on YouTube, if you have missed any of these you can catch up here.

We now have Zoom evening services for the whole Circuit on most Sunday evenings, hosted by various Churches. Your local email Hub Co-ordinator will send you an email with a link to join these. (If you haven’t received an email please contact one of your church stewards).

Details about any other Circuit activities will be given here when available. Click here For our Holy Week and Easter activities.

Your local Methodist Church website will give more details about groups and activities which are taking place there – click on that Church in the Menu on the Circuit Website.

Please continue to remember all of our Circuit Ministers and Lay Preachers in your prayers.

Remember in your prayers folk from across the circuit who are suffering from various health problems at this time, any members and friends who have recently tested positive for Covid-19, and those known to us who are NHS or other keyworkers.

Zoom Bible Study Groups:

Alan’s bible study sessions for Castle will be on the last Wednesday of each month. Our next session will be looking at Psalms. The Zoom meeting will open at 7.15pm for informal chat with Bible Study commencing at 7.30pm.

Ken’s bible study sessions for The Ark are weekly on Tuesday’s. The Zoom meeting will open at 7.15pm for informal chat with Bible Study commencing at 7.30pm. We currently have a short break and will start our study of the Gospel of Mark after Easter. If you would like to join in this study please send an email to  thearkhighwoods@gmail.com .

All are welcome to join the Bible Study Groups above, but let Alan or The Ark know you are interested, so that he can send you details and a Zoom invite.


Details of Bible studies and other activities, including those for Holy Week and Easter,  based at Wimpole Road are available on their website here.



Zoom Church Services:

(Zoom Services will “open” 15 minutes before the start time to allow everyone to join and settle in before beginning Worship together).


Invitation from The Ark:

We will be hosting a monthly service on Zoom at 6.30pm on the FIRST Sunday of each month, and a mid-week morning Reflections Service on Zoom on the SECOND Wednesday of each month.  Anyone from the circuit wishing to join either of these is very much welcome to do so, but you will first need to email thearkhighwoods@gmail.com for a Zoom invite.

Invitation from Wivenhoe:

We will be hosting a monthly service on Zoom at 3pm on the SECOND Sunday of each month. Anyone from the circuit wishing to join is very much welcome to do so, but you will first need to email Alan for a Zoom invite.

Invitation from Castle:

We will be hosting a monthly service on Zoom at 6.30pm on the THIRD Sunday of each month. Anyone from the circuit wishing to join is very much welcome to do so, but you will first need to email Alan for a Zoom invite.


Invitation from Wimpole Road:

We will be hosting a monthly service on Zoom at 6.30pm on the FOURTH Sunday of each month. Anyone from the circuit wishing to join is very much welcome to do so, but you will first need to email Joe for a Zoom invite.


Invitation and News from St Botolph’s:

At Castle we enjoy a Covenant with friends at St Botolph’s in the town centre. They have sent us this PDF called Together@Lent which gives suggestions for activities for families to do throughout Lent.



Request from Citizens UK:

Our circuit is a member of Citizens UK. We have been asked by Citizens UK to consider signing a petition asking for a living wage for key workers. Many of you Clapped for Carers last year. Would you consider signing this petition now? As such you will be joining with Christians and other like-minded people all over the UK in asking the government to fund the increase in wages for care workers

  • from the government’s living wage (£8.72 per hour)

  • up to the Real Living Wage (£9.50 per hour).

Sign the petition: Social care workers deserve a living wage (livingwage4keyworkers.org.uk)


More from Citizens UK:

Citizens Essex is holding a Zoom Assembly on

Monday 19 April, starting at 7 pm, finishing at 8.45 pm, and we want to you join us.

Local politicians and candidates for county council, for Colchester, Chelmsford and Southend councils, candidates for the post of Police and Fire Commissioner) will be invited to hear about issues that are close to the hearts of local residents. They will also be invited to support or take action on these issues if elected.

Significantly and especially we want Colchester Methodists there, in big numbers, because we are raising the issue of

Living Wages for Carers and one of our members who is Chair of the District Safeguarding Oversight Group, and Director of the Essex Care Association, and a passionate supporter of fair wages, will be one of those presenting the case for a Living Wage for Carers.

Also we Methodists have clapped  for carers and signed petitions.
We want Essex care workers to be paid fairly and work safely.

Politicians need to see and recognise the power of our feelings, so we need lots of you at the Assembly! You’ll probably even enjoy the gathering as Citizens Assemblies are not like other boring, business-like meetings. And this is not a hustings for the politicians to take over the microphone.

You will need to apply for a zoom invite to attend the Assembly at: https://actionnetwork.org/events/citizens-essex-assembly/   



Breaking Day: A Lockdown Passion Play

from  Riding Lights – A touring Christian Theatre Company

As day begins to break on Good Friday, the occupying Governor’s tenuous grip on authority is slipping. It’s festival time in Jerusalem but his wife is plagued with disturbing dreams. Amid the demands of the Sanhedrin and the murderous cries of the mob, the lines between personal and political in Pilate’s house start to blur.  The teacher at the centre of it all remains silent.

Confused by the hopes and fears of her people, a Jewish servant in the Praetorium clearly knows more than she should. Pilate wrestles with a quandary of his own devising, while outside momentum is gathering – the power of the Capitol in tension with the will of the people.

With stark intimacy, Breaking Day casts a surprising light on the death of Jesus from inside the Governor’s household, immersing us in the decisions that led to crucifixion.

Filmed remotely in an innovative lockdown style, Breaking Day is a virtual passion play for Easter 2021, available to church groups from 15 March to 15 April, and individuals from 19 March to 15 April.

Click this link to find out more on the Riding Lights website.


Audio CD’s, and DVD’s, are being made available to anyone unable to view the online service. If you know of someone who would benefit from this please let a Minister or pastoral leader know.
For more information about these activities, or to tell us about your news from around the circuit for inclusion next time, please contact colchester.methodists@gmail.com


Be sure to keep yourselves safe and well.

Let someone know if you are struggling, if you need a chat, or just some shopping. Do contact your pastoral leader, or send someone an email:  you may be in isolation, but you are not alone.


Easter Sunday.





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