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What is a Local Preacher?

Right from the early days, worship in the Methodist Church has been led by a rich variety of people from all sorts of backgrounds. Early accounts of Methodism often picture an enthusiastic preacher on the village green, gathering a crowd as they explain the good news of Jesus Christ in the open air, sometimes with a band of musicians to attract attention. In the early days, very few ordained ministers were prepared to join with John Wesley in his work of evangelism around the country, and he came to rely on a team of “Exhorters” to support the local Methodists through teaching and preaching. They came from all sorts of backgrounds as farmers, miners, milkmaids, blacksmiths etc. As Methodism developed in a Church in its own right, these folk became the “Local Preachers” who are central to our public worship and preaching. Today, more than half of Methodist worship is led by Local Preachers. (credit: The Methodist Church website)

Click on the link to hear one of our newer Local Preachers speak of her calling.

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